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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Page Redirect

Page redirect checker is something like  URL redirect tracker, a  tool that allows us to track the complete path of the URL.Redirection is the procedure in which one URL is forwarded to another URL. , thus reporting back on the complete response code that is given by each URL. This efficient tool is mostly used as a 301 redirect checker.

Various HTTP redirect

1) 300 Multiple choices

   Stating multiple options for the particular resource that the client may follow, for ex:, different format options for video could be presented, or files with different extensions.

2) Moved permanently -301

   When this is used then all the requests to a particular URL will be redirected to a given URL.

3) 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) or Moved Temporarily(HTTP 1.0)

   internet runs on HTTP protocol, dictating how particular URLs should work. It has two key versions, in 1.0 303 is referred to the status code “Moved Temporarily” while in version 1.1 this was changed to “Found”.

4) 307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 )

  In case of these type of redirects, request is to be repeated with another URL, however, all requests should still be using the original URL.


 URL redirect tracker can be used to track down where a particular affiliate link goes to and which affiliate network is involved in it in order to ensure if those URL shorteners links are redirecting to a valid page. Furthermore, with the help of any URL redirect tracker, you can also find out that where cookies are being set in the redirection path. 

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Sunday, 31 December 2017


Backlinks are the most often used words when it comes to search engine optimization(SEO). Many people try to figure out the real term of back link. 

What is backlink??

Backlink the word itself has the meaning incoming links to a  website. A page that links to any other web pages in any other websites then that is called back links. 

A page with lot of backlinks are tends to be higher in any search engine 

Few little things that you should Know !

1) Link Juice
2)No follow link
3)Do follow link
4)Linking Root Domain
5)Interlinking domain
6)Anchor Text

Lets see a glimpse of each one by one

1) Link Juice: -When your web page link to any of your content in any other website then that is called Link Juice. The link juice helps with ranking of your article in SEO

2)No Follow link:- When a website links to other website and the link has no follow tag then the link does not follow link juice. 

3)Do follow link:-By default this tag is enabled and it follow Link Juice

4) Linking Root Domain:-This refers to number of backlinks that are coming to your domain from any unique domain. Evwnthough if the website is linked to your web page twenty times, it will be considered as one root domain

5) Interlinking domain:-Interlinking domain is nothing but the links that are passing within the same domain then we call it as Interlinking Domain.

6) Anchor Text:- Text that we use in hyper lnks are termed as Anchor text. It is useful when you are trying to Rank for a specific kw. 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

SEO Tips and Tricks

Continued from my previous post

If the content in your site did not change often, then your site needs an alternative option like external links to support your site. The blog is the best example. Spiders need to be fed with fresh text at least two or three weeks. Make sure you have a blog with fresh contents to feed your little crawlers.

Search engine needs natural language in your contents. Keyword stuff will not work, because the keywords keep changing each minute, each hour, and each day. The search engine will look at your specific term in your content. If it is high then it will count this against you.

The text around your link should be related to the keyword. You need to give descriptive text around your link.

Search engines like unique content and quality content. There can be a difference between these two, make sure your content is both.

Give each page on your website a single focus on one keyword phrase. Optimizing the page with several keywords at once will not work.

Optimize your text in RSS feed. Use descriptive keyword and rich text in your title as well as decryption.

Understand Social marketing since it is a part of SEO. Some of those are
1) Facebook
3) etc

Add components like blog, review, comments, sharing etc to your blog and website

On my Next blog i am going to speak about backlinks

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Few SEO tips

SEO is like spiders they will crawl here and there and find the most recent keywords that everyone uses to search.

If you use any javascript menus or maps or javascript enabled objects first you should have some text within the page to make spiders to follow the text.

Content and links build a network of quality backlinks using the keyword phrases. Always remember you have your good, well-written, unique contents that focus on your primary keyword

Be sure you have a unique, keyword focused title on every page. If you still want your company name to be mentioned on the title page then put it at last.

Add Fresh content to improve the ranking and add useful contents to your page on regular basis

Be Sure to link your site and within your site use your keyword phrase ex: "SEO tips" instead of click the link below

Use keyword phrases appropriately during adding some images using ALT and give appropriate text

Check to see whether your domain should be with www or without www. In both cases, if it is www it should redirect to non-www else if it is non www it should redirect to www.

Check the links to your homepage throughout your website and see if index.html or index.asp or whatever language is appended to it.
 For Ex: it is an internal link and outside link will be If that is so you are splitting your link

Your URL's file extension does not matter for an SEO. It can be in ASP, HTML, PHP etc

Submitting your site through regular Google site submission will take a week, so the easiest way is to get your site through some quality links for spiders to crawl.

Few more things to come up soon for SEO. Keep watching this space

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What is SEO??

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality of traffic to a particular site from any search engines. These can be of two types

1) Organic

Why we are using search engine optimization

1) To increase traffic
2)To create an identity
3)To increase global presence for the website
4) Reach potential customers
5)To increase return on investment

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Tips for Content Writing

If you are a beginner, then you should follow certain protocols when writing an content. First and foremost thing is to keep in mind your content should be unique.  There is a term called plagiarism which needs to be avoided while writing your content.

So what is Plagiarism??

 Plagiarism is nothing else, a copy paste from a different website or blogs. If you do so it is violating the rule and even this could be a legal issue as well. So always try to avoid plagiarism while writing your contents.


Each client pays for a word you write, so you need to know how many words you should write.


So before writing, you should apply a format your content should be. For  example

<h4> Heading</h4>

<h3> Sub heading </h3>
<h2> Text within the body</h2>

Decide on the format first. It is good if your client provides you with format

It is recommended to use Times New Roman the universal format

If it is required you can bold, have numbering or bullets in your paragraph.

Always have 3 to 4 line has one paragraph and start the other one.

In my next post, I will share how to do an SEO writing, one of the difficult and challenging task.

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Earn Money Online

                                                        How you can earn money online without investment

If you go to a job then you will get income on monthly basis from your CTC and yes your appraisal shoots your income yearly. This is an easy step to earn money, but you should work 12 hours a day managing all your superiors. 

The other way is to work online and earn money. So to get a job online is not that simple and you cannot get it overnight. Try and Try is the only mantra you need to apply. If you keep reading blogs, or any website on how to start an online business or online jobs is of no use. I used to read many blogs and many websites but everything has a different opinion. That is just an opinion or Suggestion and logically you cannot apply it. 

I took three years to get my first job online and I earned 10 dollars . wow !!. I tried many logics to attract a customer online but none worked for me.

The only thing that I understood is communication. If you showcase your portfolio is not going to work unless and otherwise, you have a proper communication. Yes, communication is a magnet which attracts clients more.

The next thing is preparing a good proposal for the client. First, you need to understand who is the client and some of their past payments.Added to that you need to check the originality validate your client.

The first thing when I get an order, I did research about client his background through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Why you should do it because you are doing an online business and you don't meet each other except through skype or other IM. He can reveal his original face or he can put some other picture. After you completed the task there is no guarantee you will get paid. 

Always stress him for a skype meet and when you start the task ask him some money in advance. The first time it might be hesitating for you since he is your first client but asking is not against law. If he agrees on it no problem if he does not ask him how I can trust you that I will get my money. Don't get frustrated if he leaves you. You got a new learning next time you can tune yourself.

I speak from my experience, I did many tasks finally there will be no response from clients. 

The second thing is creating a new proposal to attract your customers. Your proposal should say who you are.

Finally, I did not say what I do!!. I got content writing, article writing, and SEO writing jobs.

In my next post, I will let you know how to do a writing job. Keep watching this space 

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