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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Few SEO tips

SEO is like spiders they will crawl here and there and find the most recent keywords that everyone uses to search.

If you use any javascript menus or maps or javascript enabled objects first you should have some text within the page to make spiders to follow the text.

Content and links build a network of quality backlinks using the keyword phrases. Always remember you have your good, well-written, unique contents that focus on your primary keyword

Be sure you have a unique, keyword focused title on every page. If you still want your company name to be mentioned on the title page then put it at last.

Add Fresh content to improve the ranking and add useful contents to your page on regular basis

Be Sure to link your site and within your site use your keyword phrase ex: "SEO tips" instead of click the link below

Use keyword phrases appropriately during adding some images using ALT and give appropriate text

Check to see whether your domain should be with www or without www. In both cases, if it is www it should redirect to non-www else if it is non www it should redirect to www.

Check the links to your homepage throughout your website and see if index.html or index.asp or whatever language is appended to it.
 For Ex: it is an internal link and outside link will be If that is so you are splitting your link

Your URL's file extension does not matter for an SEO. It can be in ASP, HTML, PHP etc

Submitting your site through regular Google site submission will take a week, so the easiest way is to get your site through some quality links for spiders to crawl.

Few more things to come up soon for SEO. Keep watching this space

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