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Sunday, 17 December 2017

SEO Tips and Tricks

Continued from my previous post

If the content in your site did not change often, then your site needs an alternative option like external links to support your site. The blog is the best example. Spiders need to be fed with fresh text at least two or three weeks. Make sure you have a blog with fresh contents to feed your little crawlers.

Search engine needs natural language in your contents. Keyword stuff will not work, because the keywords keep changing each minute, each hour, and each day. The search engine will look at your specific term in your content. If it is high then it will count this against you.

The text around your link should be related to the keyword. You need to give descriptive text around your link.

Search engines like unique content and quality content. There can be a difference between these two, make sure your content is both.

Give each page on your website a single focus on one keyword phrase. Optimizing the page with several keywords at once will not work.

Optimize your text in RSS feed. Use descriptive keyword and rich text in your title as well as decryption.

Understand Social marketing since it is a part of SEO. Some of those are
1) Facebook
3) etc

Add components like blog, review, comments, sharing etc to your blog and website

On my Next blog i am going to speak about backlinks

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