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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Page Redirect

Page redirect checker is something like  URL redirect tracker, a  tool that allows us to track the complete path of the URL.Redirection is the procedure in which one URL is forwarded to another URL. , thus reporting back on the complete response code that is given by each URL. This efficient tool is mostly used as a 301 redirect checker.

Various HTTP redirect

1) 300 Multiple choices

   Stating multiple options for the particular resource that the client may follow, for ex:, different format options for video could be presented, or files with different extensions.

2) Moved permanently -301

   When this is used then all the requests to a particular URL will be redirected to a given URL.

3) 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) or Moved Temporarily(HTTP 1.0)

   internet runs on HTTP protocol, dictating how particular URLs should work. It has two key versions, in 1.0 303 is referred to the status code “Moved Temporarily” while in version 1.1 this was changed to “Found”.

4) 307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 )

  In case of these type of redirects, request is to be repeated with another URL, however, all requests should still be using the original URL.


 URL redirect tracker can be used to track down where a particular affiliate link goes to and which affiliate network is involved in it in order to ensure if those URL shorteners links are redirecting to a valid page. Furthermore, with the help of any URL redirect tracker, you can also find out that where cookies are being set in the redirection path. 

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